VIDEO: How To Develop & Deliver Products That Surprise & Delight?

Members and guests of the MEF (Mobile Ecosystem Forum) gathered earlier this year in our Kuala Lumpur office, to discuss the challenges and opportunities in the mobile content and payments sector in the region and globally. Several panel discussions provided great insights into many different areas of mobile, and with robust discussion.

Videos from this event we published earlier:

This time we’d like to share some footage from the panel discussion How To Develop & Deliver Products That Surprise & Delight. The panel has been moderated by Léon Dijksman, COO at Sam Media. Participants were Matt Ekram, independent consultant and Alexis Bartelds, CEO at Sam Media.

Wow factor

Nobody ever asked for an iPhone. Steve Jobs asked Scott Forstall and Jonathan Ive to work on the highly confidential “Project Purple”. Today the iPhone is one of the most popular smartphones. Having a dream and being creative is essential in product development according to Alexis. But it is also important to improve the product based on user feedback, he adds.

Tools like AR and VR are great, and they can help improve the user experience, but you need to solve a problem for the customer. Being creative is essential, but you need to know the fundamentals of product development and be able to create a wow factor according to Matt. The Segway was also a promising invention, but you don’t see much of them anymore. Check out the video:

More discussions!

We recorded all the sessions during this edition of MEF Connects, and we will publish them later on our website and our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for videos of these discussions;

  • Personalisation Through Monetisation & Segmentation – Media + CPG / FMCG
  • Rich Messaging, Conversational Commerce & CPaaS – The Roles They Play In Driving Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty & Customer Experience
  • Convergence Of Telco, Media, CommunicationCommerce & Payments – What Will ICT Look Like In 2025?

MEF Connects comes back to Kuala Lumpur

In 2024 Sam Media will again be the event sponsor for MEF Connect in Kuala Lumpur. Save the date: January 11th, 2023.