SingSpace powered by Stingray Karaoke

PRESS RELEASE: Sam Media and Bango unite to empower telcos with Extended Reality (XR)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – February 15, 2024 – Sam Media, a pioneering force in mobile content, proudly announces an expanded collaboration with Bango (AIM:BGO) to introduce its groundbreaking extended reality (XR) subscription service via the Digital Vending Machine® (DVM™). Telcos and other resellers leveraging the Digital Vending Machine® can seamlessly integrate Sam Media’s XR content into their consumer offerings, enriching their value propositions.

This enhanced partnership builds upon the recent Direct Carrier Billing alliance between the two entities, providing telcos and resellers with novel avenues to distinguish their services by incorporating revolutionary XR experiences. XR technology revolutionizes digital entertainment by immersing users in lifelike simulations, transcending conventional boundaries. Sam Media’s innovative approach ensures universal accessibility to XR content, obviating the need for expensive equipment. With just a smartphone and internet connectivity, users can embark on immersive journeys into this cutting-edge realm.

One of the highlights among Sam Media’s XR offerings is SingSpace, powered by Stingray Karaoke, a virtual reality platform redefining the karaoke experience. SingSpace, powered by Stingray Karaoke fosters a global community of music enthusiasts within an interactive metaverse, encouraging the sharing of user-generated content and facilitating social interactions across various platforms.

One connection to the Digital Vending Machine® streamlines market entry and scalability for both content providers and resellers. Content creators gain effortless access to global audiences through a network of resellers, while telcos, banks, and retailers can enhance their offerings with captivating subscription content, leveraging a plethora of bundles, discounts, and incentives to attract and retain customers.

“We are thrilled to expand our collaboration with Bango through the Digital Vending Machine® to extend the accessibility of our cutting-edge XR content to a global audience. This partnership empowers resellers to deliver unique and compelling subscriptions, attracting new users,” remarked Alexis Bartelds, CEO of Sam Media.

“Facilitating seamless access to our XR content via the Digital Vending Machine® is integral to our mission of making our content universally accessible across all devices. Empowering resellers to bundle our content is a key step towards achieving this objective,” added Bartelds.

SingSpace powered by Stingray Karaoke

About Sam Media

As an innovation leader, Sam Media is committed to making the next generation of mobile content accessible to everyone, regardless of the device they use. Sam Media is rapidly expanding its reach through alternative payment solutions, ensuring its suite of products can be enjoyed globally, especially in markets with limited access to traditional payment methods.

About Bango

The Digital Vending Machine® from Bango provides everything you need for subscription bundling and payments, enabling you to quickly reach new customers and markets. Connect once for a standard system of tools used for customer acquisition, payments and subscriptions, and join an ecosystem of over 150 merchants and resellers already connected to the Bango platform. Trusted by leading technology companies including Amazon, Google and Microsoft. For more information, visit

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