Sam Media’s company trip to South Africa

Once a year our staff from all over the world gathers at one special place for a full week of meetings, team building, and lots of fun. Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19-pandemic we had to postpone this yearly event for almost two years. Our staff from offices in Vietnam, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands, and remote workers from India, Pakistan, Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom and Turkey, were finally able to meet each other and experience the beauty and the adventures that South Africa has to offer.

This November Sam Medians congregated in Johannesburg for two days of working together, followed by team building activities for the rest of the week!  The fun seemed never ending, with events like a dress up themed dinner party, a fancy dinner, a cocktail reception, a “braai” (barbecue in Afrikaans), bowling, yoga, shooting with both crossbows and guns, cooking, and of course two amazing days of safari. We had a great time together, as you can see from the photos: