Piyuesh Modi

Our Team: Meet Piyuesh Modi

Today we are launching a new category on our website, Our Team. It brings attention to our most important asset – our team members. In their own words, employees tell what it’s like to work for Sam Media and what makes it different from other companies.

How did you get into the mobile entertainment industry and how long have you been part of it?

“I was already familiar with mobile entertainment from a consumer perspective, but working in this specific industry is new to me. Sam Media found me six months ago because they were looking for a Lead Growth Designer. The company keeps investing in user engagement and that requires more attention to user experience. Further Sam Media is not the type of company that copies what the competition is doing. They want different and better products and happy consumers, and I am happy to help them with that. I’m here to introduce more verticals, a better user experience and different marketing approaches.”

Please give us an insight into your career path at Sam Media?

“As said I have been here for half a year now, and so far I took the time to absorb how things work. I just reached the stage where I understand the needs of our end-users a lot better. I created a lot of new prototypes, and doing a lot of A/B testing resulted already in some new verticals. I foresee a huge growth in mobile services in the near future, and that implies a growing need for innovative new products. I can see myself growing a lot in this company.” 

What was the decisive factor for you to want to work for Sam Media?

“Most of my work experience is in marketing concepts for digital products and that is what I like to work on. In that sense Sam Media is already a perfect fit. Before I started I was mainly attracted by the growth of the company. It was the main factor that made me accept the job. In the first month I found out why I really feel at home at Sam Media. It’s such an entrepreneurial team that makes you feel independent, and that is very important to me. The multicultural composition of Sam Media also was a huge factor that made me feel like I’m at the right spot. I am originally from India, but I have lived in the Netherlands for 7 years now. It’s safe to say that by now I am a mix of two cultures, so by default I love to be surrounded by people with a different cultural background. I want to absorb new things and I learned so much about so many cultures here. I keep trying different foods, hearing interesting stories, and learning what makes people happy in other parts of the world. All the learning that I do here is very fulfilling. Not only do I learn a lot about people, but I also learn a lot about my work, and that keeps me motivated.”

Here I can grow, learn and make the money that I am worth.

What do you cherish most about your position, especially in this industry?

“It’s in the name, a Lead Growth Designer increases the number of leads for our services and that makes me very happy. It’s a very result driven job and that suits me. I am not sure if many companies have this role. Here I can come up with new ideas which I can test by trial and error. My role pushes the company into being even more innovative. At Sam Media we don’t like to copy the competition. We like to do it our own way and come up with new marketing approaches. I like this aspect of my current job a lot.”

What are your personal goals regarding your work at Sam Media?

“I don’t want my entrepreneurial spirit to be killed by a job. Here I can grow, learn and make the money that I am worth. I can feel that there is a scope for how much I add to the ROI of the company. I want to make money and I want to be responsible for at least 2 or 3 totally new and successful approaches. I can feel that I will succeed here.”

Do you have a favourite product from the Sam Media range?

“One of my favourite products is XR Academy, because extended reality is the future. Mobile consumption will further grow in the future and products with extended reality are the doorsteps to a whole new parallel universe. A world where soon there will be more and more real life services and products coming to our mobile screens…. We will consume products and services like education and tourism on our mobile phone and then VR and XR will be in huge demand.”

Piyuesh Modi

Please give us an insight into your individual working day. Do you have any rituals?

“My working day is pretty open in that sense. I am not bound by working in razor tight deadlines, but continuously working on making things more user friendly. My goal is to make sure that our users don’t lose and are able to use our services with ease. I do a lot of research and testing. By trial and error I discover how we can improve our offerings. Designing new campaigns and using A/B tests I am always working on improvements.”

Which principles do you follow – at work and in your private life?

“I have three basic principles. The most important one is that I “dare to fail” and my role at Sam Media allows me to do that. If I am ready to faiI, then I will find success, it’s as simple as that. The second is “Data drives my decisions”. Sometimes I feel like I have a brilliant idea, but if the data proves me wrong I take that as the outcome. Data can prove me right and wrong, so I trust it. Third principle, collaboration. I know Sam Media as a ship. And a ship doesn’t move forward with one single person at the helm. I need to have all stakeholders on board. Collaboration is my third principle.” 

“In my private life I believe a lot in the power of the universe. Somehow I know that the universe will always have a solution for me. I can take some risks because the universe allows me to learn and to make mistakes”

How would friends and family characterise you?

“I think my friends see me as a risk taker. They would believe this. And they would say I am an “idea man”. Most of my friends come to me if they need ideas, and not only about marketing ideas.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I am a very body-active person, so I like to practise Acro Yoga, which is a combination of yoga and acrobatics. Further I practise krav maga, which is a combination of hapkido, judo, karate, and wrestling, and aerial yoga, which is a combination of traditional yoga, pilates and dance. Last year I bought a house and since then I have had to spend a lot of time on renovating it with interior design ideas. It kept me busy, and I started to like it. Now I also help out friends with doing stuff and giving them renovation ideas.”