Dutch digital innovator Sam Media wins Meffy Award with VR streaming service Mobio360

PRESS RELEASE: Sam Media wins Meffy Award with VR streaming service

Providing more than 700,000 subscribers in Africa a window to the world.

Amsterdam, February 25, 2021

The winners of the 2020 Meffys awards, voted by members of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), were announced at the virtual MEF Connects Innovators event. Sam Media was nominated by MEF members for its service Mobio360 in the category Richer Mobile Customer Engagement. This category is showcasing mobile products and services that encourage the positive participation and engagement of customers. Meffy Awards, often seen as the Oscars from the Mobile Industry, celebrate innovation, creativity, and ingenuity in the Mobile Ecosystem, applauding the companies that have made a difference across the core ecosystems from the MEF. 

Mobio 360

Mobio360 is a virtual reality streaming content service offering access to hundreds of fully immersive digital experiences, from guided tours of more than fifty world cities, to adrenaline-fueled extreme sports and activities in hundreds of exotic locations. With the ease of accessibility that direct carrier billing brings, Sam Media provides more than 700,000 Mobio360 subscribers in Africa a window to the world.

With its engaging content, smart streaming capabilities to adjust bandwidth, and built-in social sharing functionalities, Mobio360 has encouraged and inspired mobile users on the continent during a time when the pandemic kept everyone indoors.

MEF Connects

MEF’s Global Board Director Waheed Adam announced the winners of this year’s Meffys Awards during MEF Connects, an event that brings together influential mobile players from all over the world. Sam Media’s Business Development Director for the African region, Anzelle Robertson, accepted the award virtually.

Sam Media

Sam Media develops apps and digital products, like e-learning software and interactive entertainment portals. As a leader in innovation, it is the company’s mission to make digital products accessible to everybody on any device type. They are growing their reach in Africa by using alternative payment solutions like carrier billing, so their suite of products can be enjoyed by all users, even those who don’t have access to traditional payment methods, such as bank accounts or credit cards.

Sam Media excels in unlocking new markets with alternative payment methods and multi-platform compatibility, whilst having a strong focus on data science to improve user experience and to track down fraudulent activities. Last year Sam Media also won a Malaysia International Business Award for their fraud prevention solutions.

“Our accomplishments are due in part to our partnerships with industry leaders, many of whom attended the event and are inspiring innovators in the mobile ecosystem. A big thanks to MEF for the outstanding event.”

Alexis Bartels, CEO of Sam Media


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