Jorg van Gaal

Our Team: Meet Jorg van Gaal

Our employee spotlight section brings attention to our most important asset – our team members. In their own words, employees tell what it’s like to work for Sam Media and what makes it different from other companies.

How did you get into the mobile entertainment industry and how long have you been part of it?

“After living in Zambia for 6 years I moved to Malaysia with my family, because my wife got a job there. That was in 2017. I had no experience with this industry whatsoever, I was just looking for a job. A recruiter from Sam Media found me in a newsletter from the Malaysian Dutch Business Council and they hired me to start as an innovation manager.”

What was the decisive factor for you to want to work for Sam Media?

“I was happy to have found a job so quickly and I had no clue in the beginning if it would be a fit, but now I realise that I stayed because of the company culture. I am Dutch but I never worked for a Dutch company before.I found that its diverse and informal culture was really fitting for me. At Sam Media I can express myself. I enjoy the flexibility and the opportunity to keep learning more.” 

What exactly do you do at our company?

“Gradually over the past 5 years I shifted my focus from products to people. Today I am part of the management team and responsible for HR, training and the support of all kinds of internal projects. “

“I believe that anybody, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual identity can contribute to our mission. As long as they bring their skills to the table.

What aspects of our purpose do you identify with?

“I love the diversity aspect of our purpose. I believe that anybody, regardless of their race, religion, or sexual identity can contribute to our mission. As long as they bring their skills to the table. Having lived in countries where a lot of people are unbanked, I noticed it is hard to get access to essential digital content like e-learning services. I am proud to work for a company that makes digital content accessible to as many people as possible.”

Which company benefits are your favourites, and why?

“I enjoy working with so many people with different backgrounds. And I certainly love the fact that I am able to work from Malaysia, because the weather and the food are so much better than in the Netherlands (sorry Holland!). And then there’s all these extra perks like a budget for team lunches and the learning opportunities. I could, for example, pursue my goal to grow and become a certified LIFO trainer ©.”

Do you have a favourite product from the Sam Media range?

For sure that’s XR Academy. It’s a very innovative product with a focus on learning and skill building, and I am very interested in that.

Please give us an insight into your individual working day. Do you have any rituals?

“Usually I like to start the day with a nice fresh cup of coffee. I do glance at my email in the morning, but I try to go to the details a bit later. What I have learned from good time management practices is having a lot of dedicated focus time in the mornings, so I can use my energy to the fullest for things that matter. I also have to organise precisely because I have meetings in different timezones.”

Which principles do you follow – at work and in your private life?

“Treat everyone with respect. Deliver high quality work.”

How would friends and family characterise you?

“Perseverance. I don’t easily give up.”

What do you like to do in your free time?

“I love to spend time with my family and I do a lot of sports like cycling, running, badminton, hiking and scuba diving. Recently I started playing drums.

With which cartoon character would you most wish to swap lives?

“Cookie monster. No seriously I don’t like cookies that much, but my son always calls me that because I can literally eat everything. And if he doesn’t finish his plate, I will do it. In the Netherlands it’s considered rude to leave food on your plate.”